Queen Edith’s – A Liveable Neighbourhood?

One of the foundations of my thinking about Queen Edith’s in particular and Cambridge more generally is the importance of liveable neighbourhoods. This column I wrote for Smarter Cambridge Transport  last year summarises why . I think you’ll enjoy reading it.
It’s noticeable that the City Council are finally waking up to the fact that the levels of congestion in the city centre are making it less attractive to residents: see Page 12 of this consultation document. But how do we turn that aspiration for liveable neighbourhoods into reality? Well, we start by taking advantage of what’s already here.
So here’s a proposal based on those ‘How to spend 48 hours in New York/Cape Town/Ulan Bator’ articles so beloved by the press. What could ’48 hours in and around Queen Edith’s’ offer over the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July? Take advantage of at least one opportunity on this list and explore part of our neighbourhood which you might not have visited before – there is surely something here for everyone.

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Where will the children of GB1 and GB2 go to school?

Many local residents went along to the engagement event held last week by the developer of the GB2 ‘Newbury Farm’ site (Wort’s Causeway) and several of you have subsequently been in touch to give me your thoughts. One big concern is about where the children who will live on that site (and GB1 too, when it is developed) will go to school. Continue reading “Where will the children of GB1 and GB2 go to school?”