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I’ve lived in Cambridge for 30 years, 20 of those in Queen Edith’s. I’ve seen Cambridge from lots of different angles over that period – as a student, as a worker in the tech sector, as a parent and as a volunteer in our local community. Through those experiences I’ve seen the both good and the less good sides of Cambridge’s rapid growth, and how – as a city – we are struggling to manage the impacts of what’s going on. And nowhere is experiencing that pain more directly than Queen Edith’s.

That knowledge has prompted two decisions in my own life.

The first was to go back to university, in 2017, to study how development and rapid growth are handled in other places across the world. I want to understand what best practice looks like and how it is achieved, rather than just muddling through. I’m now part-way through an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism at UCL, which I love.

The second decision was to get involved in creating and running the Queen Edith’s Community Forum. I want to use my knowledge and my enthusiasm to create the best possible outcome for Queen Edith’s, and to make sure that whatever gets done is done with us, not to us.

I’m standing to be a City Councillor for Queen Edith’s in May 2021. Please sign up to my mailing list to find out more.

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