Sustainable transport and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus: the video

Last Friday I went over to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to look at its claims for sustainable transport, particularly with regard to Cambridge South station. I talk about where the station’s location should be, and also look at some peculiar aspects of getting around this site on foot, and by bike, which are going to make it a real problem unless they’re sorted out before the station arrives. Continue reading “Sustainable transport and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus: the video”

Bridging, bonding, linking

In an ideal world we would all have relationships in our lives which would bring us the benefits of bonding, bridging and linking networks – but sometimes bringing people together requires a bit of help, in terms of infrastructure or opportunity. In Queen Edith’s we have examples of where this is working well and making a difference; but also where unnecessary obstacles are getting in the way. Continue reading “Bridging, bonding, linking”