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City Council election result for 2023

Congratulations to Karen Young for being the choice of Queen Edith’s voters in this week’s City Council election here. Karen will be a councillor for the next four years, and I very much look forward to working with her in the best interests of the area!

On behalf of all residents, I’d like to thank all the candidates for their polite and positive campaigns. Once again, Queen Edith’s had one of the highest turnouts in the city. Here are the results in full:

Karen YoungLiberal Democrat113138%
Thomas RonLabour70924%
Gordon GregoryConservative58019%
Jacqueline WhitmoreGreen Party30610%
Antony CarpenIndependent2619%
Total votes2987
Number of ballot papers rejected7

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Sam Davies


  • Many thanks for taking the time to feed back the data very much appreciated.
    Enjoy some well deserved days off.
    Best Wishes Ingrid

  • Thanks, Sam, for the details.
    Here’s wishing you well in your few days “quiet”!

Sam Davies

Sam Davies was elected to Cambridge City Council in May 2021 as a representative for the Queen Edith's ward, and is the city's only independent councillor.
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