Heads need banging together over Cambridge South station

In case you missed it, I recently went down to the site of the new Cambridge South station to explain just some of the potential problems with the proposed design.

If after watching this, you’d like to add your own comments to the public consultation, you can do so quickly and easily here. Note that the consultation round is only open until 29th November 2020.

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4 Replies to “Heads need banging together over Cambridge South station”

  1. Thank you, Sam for another informed and helpful comment on the proposed station. I can’t remember if I have signed up to this before, but I glad and grateful to receive your posts. Rachel

    1. Thank you Rachel. We get better decisions when (a) we help people to understand what is happening and (b) we join the dots up. It needn’t be as dysfunctional as it currently is …

  2. Thanks Sam. Very good video. Have the groups and people suggested in your video actually come together? What do they all think about your suggestion? Is it purely financial the reason why they have chosen this site – if so who else would contribute to extra cost of moving station?

    1. Thanks John – obviously it’s difficult to know what’s going on behind closed doors, but it feels to me as though thinking on this is still very disjointed. Working with Smarter Cambridge Transport, we are trying to get the relevant parties talking but Network Rail claim their hands are tied because of the HM Treasury Green Book methodology underpinning it. We’re taking this sufficiently serious that we have asked Anthony Browne MP (the Campus sits in the South Cambs constituency) to raise it with Grant Schapps.

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