Sam Davies

My Annual Report 2023

When I was campaigning to be elected as a City Councillor, I promised that if elected, I’d provide the level of reporting back that I’d always wanted to see from my councillors. I hope that you’ve been happy with what I’ve done, with the weekly blog and these video reports. This second annual chat from my kitchen table discusses the learning curve of being a councillor in this city, and what it’s revealed to me. Do have a watch, and do let me know what you think.

Addendum, 5pm Sunday: with the benefit of hindsight, I think I should have allowed myself a little more time to unwind from a busy and (yes, you guessed it) frustrating week before I recorded that video! It was neither as structured or as concise as I would have liked it to be. But I hope the most important point nevertheless comes across loud and clear: the status quo in Cambridge is not working, and anyone who says it is, is either misleading themselves or you.

Here are the links I mentioned in the video:

Sam Davies


  • Thank you! We need more like you, Sam, but it’s obvious why so few really effective, caring & publicly spirited people step up, or at least can bear to remain, as local councillors. You’re right, the system is broken.

  • Thank you for keeping in touch each week. I and many others appreciate all you do on our behalf.

  • Sam, I too thank you for your tireless work on our behalf. It must be so hard and painful consistently banging your head against an ever expanding brick wall. Please carry on doing it & we will try to supply the plasters for your wounds!
    The state of the city is scary, and getting more so. I just can’t fathom why the decisions made are done so – perhaps naivety on my part.
    Let’s hope the election provides you with a willing partner for the next year, someone who can share some of the burdon you have on your councillor shoulders.
    Please, take time – have a good bank holiday, eat cake for the coronation and replenish your reserves for the ongoing fight.

  • Hi Sam
    Thanks for your annual feedback video. I commend you on the great work you have delivered. I value your passion for transparency and engaging with us as peers. I, too, am passionate about asset-based processes, and share your frustration about how local government functions. You bid us good evening as you walked your dog on Sunday evening, at the allotment, when you must have been regenerating your soul after all this great feeding back. I wish you well in your third year, and that you are able to enter into a meaningful partnership with the new councillor.
    Yours heart/mindfully
    David Lynch

  • As always time, energy and drive to enable all to gain an insight into the bigger picture. I applaud your enthusiasm for Queen Edith’s it is always an asset to have Councillors able to oversea the strategic whilst having a realistic view of life lived on the ground in Cambridge.

  • Thank you so much, Sam, for all you do for us, and for taking the time to update us all each week, especially when the weeks are so full of mostly frustrating meetings. We really do appreciate your hard work, and your intelligent analysis of the problems we all face in Cambridge.

  • Hi Sam,

    I watched your video with sadness and sympathy. It brought back memories of several visit to Planning Committee meetings, winning the very occasional small ‘victory’ but usually leaving frustrated and irritated.

    I have to agree the system overall is broken, so all the more credit to you for keeping on trying when it is so easy to lose heart. There seems little interest in the government agreeing to rationalise our crazy local government structures or appetite for devolving real power more locally.

    As you know I do not live in your constituency but I both enjoy and appreciate your weekly blogs and all you stand for. I only wish we had more such dedicated and independent councillors. Stay strong.

  • Thanks very much for this Sam – if somewhat depressing but confirms many suspicions. Keep up the good fight!