Bridging, bonding, linking

In an ideal world we would all have relationships in our lives which would bring us the benefits of bonding, bridging and linking networks – but sometimes bringing people together requires a bit of help, in terms of infrastructure or opportunity. In Queen Edith’s we have examples of where this is working well and making a difference; but also where unnecessary obstacles are getting in the way. Continue reading “Bridging, bonding, linking”

Where will the children of GB1 and GB2 go to school?

Many local residents went along to the engagement event held last week by the developer of the GB2 ‘Newbury Farm’ site (Wort’s Causeway) and several of you have subsequently been in touch to give me your thoughts. One big concern is about where the children who will live on that site (and GB1 too, when it is developed) will go to school. Continue reading “Where will the children of GB1 and GB2 go to school?”